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Pocket Apocalypse
colored pencil/collage
14" x 11" in
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Working since the day I fell out on planet earth. Studied: yes for what it's worth. Exhibited yes: for what it's worth. I make the art that comes to me and consider it all social commentary and the expose of a life: mine. View the act of creating art as inherently politicaland I don't go out of my way to specifically reference "the news" or any "Cause". Sadly I believe this is currently often mistaken as a necessary component of art when what it really is is personal opinion and the driving point to nail down a sale or exposure and ride the wave. I just do what comes to me and I am okay with that. I do it because I must. I feel more like a transcendentalist as opposed to a representationalist. These latest pieces art much influenced by my very first loves Dada & Surrealism.