Limited edition of X/50. Un-mounted, signed by artist.
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20 x 16 in
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My photography primarily focuses on Urban Exploration and Architectural Decay: Urban Exploration (abbreviated as Urbex or UE) is the study of the abandoned or forgotten edifices and decay found in urban areas or at industrial facilities. Urban exploration is associated with the examination of inactive or uninhabited sites.

Growing up in Chicago, I have always had an appreciation for architecture
. Being raised in a city that is known for its skyline and beautiful buildings, watching the recent changes of abandoned and forgotten buildings had brought to my attention that even when an edifice is in disrepair, there is still beauty and memories to be found in its debilitated state. As I traveled throughout the world, viewing new and old structures I discovered my appreciation for the beauty in the process of deconstruction. As elaborate electrical, religious, commercial machinery and developments are abandoned and destroyed there are rich colors, seedy shadows, oxidized metal and incredible depth and history to be uncovered as they decompose and decay. The object of my urban exploration photography is to capture and preserve the beauty of the abandonment, while leaving it untouched for others.