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Goddess Of The Frozen Reeds
Mixed media:acrylics, ink, resin, ground glass, reeds.
30" x 40" x 1.5" in
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The fluidity of line meandering through deep layers of watery, pooling resin is my visual language.

What we as humans perceive is not the true intentions of the Goddesses, for Goddesses do as they please and play with all the elements as mere toys just for their own pleasures...

I have been working on this series of mixed media paintings since January of 2009. I give liberal license to the stories behind the histories, myths and legends of the Hudson River. I paint about the playful and vengeful sides of the River Goddesses of the Hudson. In my work, it is the interaction of Goddess affections and jealousies, of Earth, water and the human world that creates the wave actions and radical weather phenomena in the Hudson River. When anything amiss happens on the river, blame it on a Diva Goddess. She just wants what she wants in that Diva sort of way.