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paintsculpture 10
acrylic and latex enamel paintskins
10" x 28" x 4.5"
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My work is an exploration of something deep rooted within me. It is a connection
to my lineage, heritage and the desert terrain in which I was raised. It is not
an intellectual pursuit but rather an intuitive and instinctive process. I am
striving to uncover where my place is and what purpose I serve in living
this life.
I am motivated and driven by the material that I work with. I use sheets
of acrylic and latex enamel paintskins to create paintsculptures. It is a
technique that I have developed and been experimenting with for many years. All
the wood and paint used in my work is repurposed scrap from my
job as a painting contractor. I am expressly interested in all the potential that paint has
to offer as a medium in sculpture.