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Digital Photograph - Archival Pigment Prints
20 x 14 in
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Photographer, Dan Wills, is based in New York. One aspect that draws him to photography is the unique story that each image tells. The interpretation of the story is individualized and defined by the photographer and the viewer. The images produced gives the viewer a glance at the diversity of life at a specific instant through his perspective. He takes images that encourage us to open our eyes to all the fascinating, beautiful, and sometimes dark aspects of our world.

The project for this submission is titled - AM I DREAMING OR IS THIS MY NIGHTMARE?

Wake up. Am I awake?

Walk through the meadow to the house. Look through the peephole on the front door. The house is filled with horror and death.

Am I dreaming?

Flee from the house. Drive quickly over the bridge in search of peace. Perhaps it can be found on the other side of the river.

Am I dreaming?

The other side of the river is never reached. The crash causes the car to roll and tumble off the bridge into the river and ends up at the bottom.

Am I dreaming?

A wife stands by the riverís edge. Is it possible to turn back or is it too late.

Am I dreaming or is this my nightmare?

A series of self-portraits and other images that I have developed into snap shots of dreams or nightmares. The project started as separate photographs. Images of reflections in a lake caught my attention and as I began to shoot I discovered that they seemed very dream like. Self-portraits have always been an interest of mine because of the creativity and preparation in setting up a shot that involves me in two roles, the photographer as well as the subject. The appearance of death in a self-portrait can be quite disturbing but at the same time interesting.

The intention of the project is to give viewers images that can be interpreted as dream like or even nightmarish. Some images may be disturbing but others are more peaceful. Some may touch on reality.