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Attempted Balance
Watercolor crayons on watercolor paper
40 x 59 cm
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I am originally from Springfield, Missouri, but have been living in Amman, Jordan for the past 9 years. I have a bachelors degree in art education and studio art from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and spent several years teaching art to children. There has always been a place inside me for creating my own artwork, but not until moving to Jordan was I able to find my confidence as an artist and find my style for how I wanted to express myself.

If I could use a phrase to describe my work it would be: passionately practical. From the choice of working in an abstract manner to the tools I use, as well as the reasons for why I paint; these have all come from a place of passion and practicality. I use watercolor crayons to draw and paint intense colors, fluid lines, shapes and forms. They are pieces of a visual diary that symbolize how I am evolving and how I am affected or being influenced by my environment, other people, etc. In most cases, a painting will help me sort out internal struggles, questions, desires, dreams and fears. After finishing a painting, I have usually created a peaceful circle around whatever it is I was working through.