Despite being just metal, rubber and ceramic, this little scene stimulated a bit of revulsion in my mind as I imagined it a plate of large, dead centipedes...
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The Centipede Plate
(Digital Photography)
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Photography is capturing something - a story, a feeling, a mood - in two dimensional color, tone, and shape.

Entropy is the tendency of the ordered universe to slide towards disorder. Large things break into smaller pieces which ultimately break down into even smaller units.

But everything is still here. Nothing is missing.

Everything passes, everything remains...

I seek to get close to my subjects because distance hinders true intimacy in both relationships and photography.

My images of nature and industrial archaeology focus often on smaller areas - basic units which make up the bigger picture. In my portrait and event work I strive to capture the feeling of a moment -- a moment which has passed, yet always will be.

I hope you enjoy the images here and find them in some way unique.