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A Loss of Innonance
19.5 x 11 x 0.5 in
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I D E N T I T Y / M A S K I N G

We humans, being the complex creatures we are, within our personal relationships have a built in defense that I am calling masking. Masking is a universal experience….part of being human. Our emotions and feelings are sometimes right on the surface, but more often they are hidden to some degree depending upon the circumstances and the relationship. We have social masks that function on a subconscious level, automatic, we do not even have to think about it.

My personal interest in tribal art has played an important roll in this work. I am using the masks and figures as a metaphor for masking. Some of these expressive masks and figures are used in secret societies and masking the human form so that the true spirit can emerge. By using these masks in this way, I am true to the initial use they were created for, masking the human form.

These images are almost exclusively taken from magazines, catalogs, advertising, anything destined for the trash, or hopefully the recycle bin. Consider the millions of images created for magazines each week or month, fleeting as they are…..a flip of the page, gone forever. My image mining and deconstruction of this material and by the reconstructed use of such found images I believe creates a new narrative about modern society. Everything is disposable sooner or later. I am saving some selected images and creating a world that only exists in my subconscious.

I am really only concerned with composition while making these images. I understand that the subconscious is fully engaged, just as in a dream. Sometimes dreams make sense, sometimes not. The use of hands as a prominent element is because hands are a visual anchor to the world around us, a form of self identity. I mostly just let the way the images tell a story that another person could relate to, without much conscious thought. I see these relationships only later.