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Self-portrait (june 2008)
Mississippi Red clay and charcoal on canvas
22 x 44 x 1.5" in
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My work is rooted in nature and the female body. I search for ways to explore how each changes with time, often focusing on a spiritual and physical connection with the land. I use nature as my inspiration for the process and the medium I use in my art work I paint with clay.

Earth creates images as time constantly passes. I record these images in my photographs, capturing a moment in time, and then, using clay and other organic matter, I fossilize these images in my paintings. In the Earth takes all living things, I resurrect them in my paintings, using clay and pigments from the Earth, in their raw form. It is a primitive process, and a primitive medium, one that was used by a primitive man in cave paintings of Altimira or Lascaux. To paint with clay is to stain the surface that will never fade overtime. Time changes things but my paintings stay eternal.