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Yehudit Englard- My Story
"Art can be learnt only partially, whereas the artist needs it wholly!" (Goethe)

I came from Iraq with my parents in 1951 as a four years old child a fifth child of eight children family.
My Father was the railway engineer (In Baghdad).
In the culture where my parents came from, women had no "status" from which they could emerge, make a statement, change, or even influence.

I was married in 1974.
After five years, I lost my first-born son, Navot, at the age of four.
He was the desire of my life, my whole world.
His birth was an expression of the essence of our souls. Until this cursed day when he died, I lived harmoniously with the world.
His death was a Rupture.
I could mark the period after his death, as a point when I stopped to believe sound of others - and I started to listen to my inner voice

I started to learn and to explore any & every field that had a connection to health (body and soul): nutrition, medicine & Psychology.
I acquired my skills independently; And I never stopped the process of learning. While I raised my kids I have learned education, philosophy of education and coped, with the challenges of daily life as a mother, while implementing things on my own way. During the years I developed my capabilities, and I strengthened the faith in myself, as a thinking person and, most importantly as a woman, mother and educator.
Today I am a wife, mother of three children, and grandmother of four grandchildren.

I started painting (as a "full time job") in my forties
Through my autodidactic and totality which characterizes everything I do.
I explored work of artists I liked, and learned the rules and formulas of their work, and out of that I have built my own creative language.
Goethe said: "The work of art can be learnt only partially, whereas the artist needs it wholly!"
So- auto didactically - I have built my "foundation stones" from which I Create.

I Enjoy coping and deal with the question of the connection between emotional situations in my personal life and women life as a whole, and its visual-allegoric expression.
In other words to "translate" the mental - emotional reality and the daily life into integrative language.
This is my attempt to weave into my works: childhood memories, search of aesthetic, intuition, life experiences and passion

After many years of struggles, regaining sight, and learning, I feel that Art is my total and absolute stage of my life. More than anything else, painting is the place where I can catch the essence of my concept of the world: The revealed - open - -known-tangible, and mystical

When I complete a work, and look at the finished painting - I cry.
(Perhaps also as a feeling of: "They that sow in tearsshall reap in joy (Psalm 126,5)

The sense of liberty and joy that I discovered in painting, it is such that it does not depend on anyone and therefore it is immense. I am filled out and emptied out alone.
The disclosure process that I am undergoing by creating "the absolute beauty of mine" fills me with joy.
I see the resemblance between the painter and the conductor's gestures in front of the orchestra, or the choreography of ballet dancers.
The same rules of painting I find in nature.
In that sense there is no difference-in my view- between abstract painting and figurative one.
From one image to another my "internal woman within me grows, and each time "she" has a more and more central place.
She calls out: "I am here!" , "I am present!"
I am not figurative painter, but I insist to bring to my work the spirit of the woman.
Urge- drive and creativity (In Hebrew - the root of Y.Z.R) connected with each other, and they are integral parts in my working. My art is some kind of revelation, holiness, faith or God - When I paint I feel God's hand on my shoulder.

Yehudit Englard, August 2009.