"Dancing in the Garden of Good & Evil".
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"Dancing in the Garden of Good & Evil".
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Music therapy, a 20th century discipline, began after World War I when a group of musicians went to various hospitals around the country to play for the suffering. Both the patients and the staff noted the positive emotional responses to the music.  The idea of music changing behavior is as old as the writings of Aristotle and Plato. It is thought to promote mental functioning along with reliving stress.  

Given that music has always been a major contributor in my creative process this study inspired me to explore further.  After a few months, I recognized that with certain music my work became meticulous and yet when listening to another genre, my work had a more organic feel and closer to what I aspired to achieve today.

The objective of this series is to listen to various genres to see if it truly does influence my style of art.  My objective is to allow the music to influence the medium and the final outcome.  By allowing the music to flow through me, my desire is to sculpt a sense of serenity, and tempt the senses into seeing the genre.