This series gives form to the explosion of a paradigm shift, specifically the realization of the erotic as a cultivation of identity and experience.
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We don't have to think like that anymore 3
watercolor on polypropylene
26 x 40 x 0.02 in
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Through my art, I generate a reflective space for my audience to consider the engines of existence and both the power and responsibility of freedom. I conduct a complex orchestra that is the integration of materials, process, and product in such a way that the art must coalesce with the audience in order to truly manifest the content and have the work be successful.
Aside from pigment, my primary materials are water, which is a fundamental substance for life, and plastic, which is a perfect example of human ingenuity, creativity, and technology. These are heavily symbolic at the same time that they have ideal qualities for the painting process I employ.
The process itself is one of fluidity guided by laws, in which I meld my creative choices with physical stricture, like a constant dialogue between myself and the world. This reflects the freedom of humanity within an inherent system of rules that is the Universe.
The resulting images are purely abstract and permanently fixed, as our actions in a moment become fixed in history. But this is not the death of the process, in life or in my art. What remains is the interpretation of the fixed and what we choose to do with those interpretations.
I ask a lot of the audience in order for my art to be genuinely successful. There is not a declaration of truth, but rather the providing of a bridge to be crossed by the willing and willful. Welcome to Hunter Wild.