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Scent of a WomanĦEDiamond Heart 1
Mixed Media
45.5 x 53 cm
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Born in 1967, Mo Lu graduated from Kung Tung Technical Senior High School in Taitung, Taiwan with a major in the Architectural Drawing. Her father was an excellent ink painter who held solo exhibitions and published his own painting albums. While being influenced and instructed by her father, Mo has had an interest in painting since her childhood.

Mo Lu is brilliant at depicting the subject in paintings via images of symbolism and conveying the feeling of multiple layers through collage while de-emphasizing the depth. While detaching themselves from the backdrop, every viewer can become blended with the artwork. It is as if the viewer becomes a bystander, object or figure in the painting, all at the same time. Mo Lu's artwork offers both a friendly and frank attitude toward the viewers.

The prime colors, such as red, blue, black and white, are used to express feelings or concepts of Purity. Elements like diamond and gold foil symbolize Eternity. There are no deliberately applied meticulous lines or sophisticated and multiple layers of colors. Objects in her paintings, which range from flowers, females or even diamonds, are expressed in the most conspicuous way. Mo Lu uses simple and concise elements to convey her concept about Ħ§the visibility of genuinely important objectsĦ¨.