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Ageless Love
Oil on Canvas
58 x 177 cm
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TT was born 18th December 1964 in Douliu of central Taiwan. After graduating from Art and Craft Department of Fu-Hsing Trade & Arts School in 1983, he had been an illustrator for newspapers and animation movies, a commercial visual artist, and an advertising designer. In recent years, he began to take administration responsibilities in the art-related business. From these managerial experiences, he has learned how artwork and market can mutually inspire each other. They have also expanded his scope of art and stimulated new thinking in his practice as a painting artist, especially with regard to establishing personal style, putting ideas and ideals into effect, and developing sensitivity to the viewers.

Why painting? Its simply because painting makes me happy. Ill be satisfied if there is one audience who likes my work. If the audiences are more than one, it is encouraging; and when someone can understand my art, it is cherishing.