A toddler publically practices self-satisfaction through oral craving despite the social environmental community of a birthday party.
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Dubblespeak is an appropriation of old negatives from my childhood.
Initially cropping the negative through the photo enlarger, then manually cropping post-print to further compose an underlying of the inhibited, underdeveloped, but still very present sexual being within children. The images are of general events where adults and children abstractedly and unrealistically mingle; the differences of both sexual human beings socializing amongst one another while the mature adults engage in the usual [sensual] looseness (this term describing a loss of age-distinction through absentness of parental inhibitions and oversight) provided by celebratory social intoxication while the children preoccupy themselves with simplistic toys, such as balloons (or each other), throughout the matter. These events happen at a age before children’s sexuality restrains - prior to repression of innate sexuality through elementary years, prior to the superseding of an initial [sexual] curiosity by thoughts unto the assessment of general romantic interest: this process periodically lead by a latency period through the development of “relationship” aesthetics still operating on the significant but disregarded sexuality, eventually making it’s accepted and apparent presence again through the adolescent years of pre-adulthood, when the circumstances become better understood and controllable on a personal level.