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August 2017 Exhibition

Sarah Whalen

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During sex, your physical, animal self takes over, allowing you to truly be present in the experience. Feeling someone else's skin, smelling them, tasting them, reacting to their touch. Sex itself is a beautiful, passionate act. Yet, the physicality of sex is gross: Sloppy kisses are exchanged, sweaty genitals rub together, and deep guttural sounds are emitted. In my work, I try to capture this dichotomy between the beautiful and the grotesque.

When I began, my drawings often looked like monsters having sex. I used modified contour drawings as a way to abstract a recognizable image. As I matured, both as a sexual being and as an artist, my work evolved. I chose to draw moments that showed intimacy, passion, and love. I use black and white imagery to project focus on the movement of the body and the occurring act. The fluid lines between bodies and background show how it is all one collective experience. Hands, legs, and blankets are all morphed together in a maze of linework t... (continued)