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August 2017 Exhibition

Ron Whitacre

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Artist's Statement

Though Ron Whitacre has worked in a variety of media, his primary focus is sculpture created of welded steel. His works, mainly depicting the human figure in motion, are noted for their balance, power, grace, movement, and sensitivity.

Whitacre has settled on his individual method of creating sculpture in welded steel because he relishes that this medium makes it necessary for the artist to remain intimately involved from start to finish. The process gives the artist control of every stage of creation. There are no real short-cuts, however armatures are not needed as the steel medium supports itself. There is no waiting for casting, no foundry to deal with, and there are no molds to make. Finally, the finishing of the sculpture is done by the artist. Thus, each of Whitacre’s art pieces is truly “one of a kind”. No reproductions or copies of any kind will be made so each and every piece is unique.

Whitacre also enjoys the speed with which ... (continued)

Abduction of Europa
welded steel
23 x 21 x 10 in

Ribbon Dancer
welded Steel and Glass
16 x 37 x 14 in

welded steel
23 x 30 x 14

Jazz Singer
Welded Steel
22 x 31 x 17 in

Welded Steel
42 x 25 x 11 in

Welded Steel
18 x 22 x 10 in

Lovers view 1
Welded Steel
10 x 29 x 10 in

Lovers view 2