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August 2017 Exhibition

Jamie Sisson

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I've just returned to the USA at 25 after living in Poland for four years and working on a PhD in London for some time. Living between languages is a trying experience, to say the least—one’s ability to speak any of them well, especially one’s native language, starts to falter after a year or so. Syntax is distorted, not to mention one’s sense of self. Couple that with the all-too-obvious knowledge that you, the immigrant, will never—could never—fully assimilate almost exclusively because you look all too different. I came to be rendered as some composite alien being by both Poles and Americans. 

I was driven to narrate my experience precisely because of this liminality. Facing an unexpected language barrier with my native English, not to mention difficulties with Polish, collages seemed to be the appropriate medium as they’re literally composites. For me, through collaging, I could more accurately navigate and narrate the sociopolitical wonders, paradoxes, and a... (continued)

Pierogi Western
magazine collage
6 x 6 in

Dzikie pola is a Slavic reference to a kind of Wild West

Techno Transcendence, or The New Catholocism
magazine collage
7 x 9 in

było = [something] was (3rd person singular past form of "to be") bóg = god

Anywhere But Here
magazine collage
4 x 3 in

6 x 6 in

Bóg jest w środku = God is inside i jej zioło = and her "herb"

Hair Dryers Are Known Fire Hazards
6 x 4 in

upadek rzeczywistości zdominowanej przez patriarchat = the fall of reality dominated by the patriarchy szok = shock

Wear the Panties
4 x 4 in

Eternal Return
9 x 9 in

zasada jedności organizmu i środowiska = the principle unity of body and environment

Bury It
magazine collage
8 x 6 in

Znam swoje miejsce = I know my place

A Supple Cosmos
magazine collage
6 x 9 in

Duet w Kosmosie = Duet in the cosmos Nauka i zhizn' = science and life the caption = Determining with sufficient accuracy the average density of matter in the Universe is a very difficult task

No Space
4 x 7 in

co zatem ich łączy? = what is their connection/what brings them together?