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humbly, a silent blue utterance (untitled #2)
Silver gelatin print with acrylic paint, gel medium and ink.
22 x 18 in
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Alessandra’s work is concerned with the psyche – emotion, identity and imagination – she finds something beautiful in darkness and melancholy and the sometimes unsettling depiction of a person’s moment of release. The darkness that reveals itself in self-portraits is the extreme subconscious, a place where surreal dichotomies are produced, beautiful grime, simultaneous ecstasy and sadness.
Both the process and the act of making the work are as important to her as the work itself, and it often involves a certain amount of performance (though often unseen).
She works in mixed media: a combination of paint, ink, drawing, printmaking, and alternative and traditional photo processes such as black and white printing, liquid emulsion, cyanotype, and experimental equipment such as throwaway cameras.