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The Miser's Indulgence
18 x 24 x 0.5 in
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As an Asian-American growing up in a predominantly white suburb of Chicago during the 90ís, I came to know isolation and rejection at a young age. These sentiments, coupled with familial debilitation throughout my childhood, have tempered my life with an understanding of melancholia, which tends to voice itself through my artwork. It is not the racial aspect of my experiences that defines my art, but rather the larger concept of aloneness and displacement.

However, rather than merely illustrate distress, I want to penetrate that and expose my viewer to moments of lucidity amidst this emotional fragmentation and dilapidation. I acknowledge the fragility and despair in a perpetually accelerating society, while at the same time revealing the human ability to reflect upon the clamor of daily existence from an exalted position, whether this may be in retrospect or simply the ability to put matters in perspective. My work is meant to capture and compound upon moments when the mechanics of the world, humanity, and its vices and passions flash fleetingly into focus.