From the Series "Thus Spoke Zarathustra"
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Suspect I
Oil on Canvas
78" x 80" x 1" in
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After coming to New York in 2002,I started to explore new social relations in the
environment where I now found myself.The experiences in the cultural climate of
Central-Eastern Europe remain present in my new work trough a deeper analysis
of the social system,skepticism and fear,commentary on the state of society,search
for pure faith and true values.
Urban mythology,street life but also contemporary events and
catastrophes,attracted my attention.Large scale portraits,figures with no
faces,skeletons,drug addicts,artificial and frustrated ladies pulling faces dominate
my work integrated with TV screens,religious signage and textual statements or
slogans.The phenomenal world in this works reflect focus on the problems of
social justice,equality,mediocrity,the modern economy and utilization of human
potential.Turning to one’s self,discovering one’s own identity and identifying with
historical and contemporary figures of an enslaved immigrant,someone beyond
mainstream culture,all steer me towards exploration of multiculturalism of global
Trough these images,I present my own notion about life and the world that
surrounds me.Society absorbed in consumption and the gain of capital and wealth
directs me towards social,political and religious critique,humor and parody,but
also often towards isolation,religion,philosophy,literature and my own inner