text from a note written to me by my sister at age 9.
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Little Sister Vases
inkjet and embroidery on fabric
11 x 8.5 in
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My work is concerned with relationships and communication. A literal product of the Internet boom, I am fascinated by our simplistic desire to connect with one another, and with the obstacles we face in doing so.

I have recently been exploring text as a medium. Text, something we use more and more often to communicate, adds an extra level of code to interaction, heightening the possibility of miscommunication. Expression of emotion can be particularly deadened simply by the words’ translation to the medium.

I choose to work autobiographically, pulling sources from the world around me and narcissistically manipulating them to mirror the narrative of my life. Works I have submitted address themes of a deteriorating relationship between siblings, a long, drawn out breakup, and an on and off again romance.

Lizzy Cross was born in Palo Alto, CA 1982. She received BFA in painting from Rhode Island School of Design in 2004. She currently lives and works in New York and California.