$60 matted print
signed (1 out of 100)
$200 framed print signed (1 out of 100)
800x600        1024x768
Revolutionary Suicide
Digital image printed on Velvet Fine Art Paper
19 x 13 in
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It is my obligation as an artist to capture visually life tearing itself apart. My work focuses upon apocalyptic myths. These myths shape our conscious and subconscious minds and provoke great conflict. The conflict that arises from these myths is one between outdated cosmologies and technology. Is our survival possible if our belief systems are based upon ancient myths and we posses volatile technologies that could easily annihilate all life on Earth? Humanities nature is in contention with technology. Our capacity to adapt, our independence, and survival is threatened by the contradictions engendered by these myths. If we are to change our “path,” it is evident that we must abandon these myths and create a new vision of ourselves and our role in nature.