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After "The Girl by the Window", 1893
Polaroid Photograph
20 x 24 in
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The Norwegian painter Edvard Munch (1863-1944) has long been a major inspiration for my artistic work and practice. When I was granted the opportunity to use the mammoth 20" X 24" Polaroid camera, I immediately set about trying to adapt this unique format of photography to pay tribute to my influence. I wanted to use a minimal studio set to suggest spaces which the figures inhabited, and to use direct lighting in a fashion that mimicked Munch's strong shadows and incorporation of figures into their surroundings. There is a raw and haunting emotional quality to Munch's work that I hoped to evoke. The large Polaroid seemed especially suited to this purpose due to its unique rendering of color and the appearance of the photographic material being spread onto a canvas, with unpredictable blemishes in the coating. Each of the five photographs is based upon a particular painting by Munch, though it is intended to stand as its own image. I chose these five paintings both for the feasibility of producing them inside a small studio, and for the emotional qualities that I found personally compelling.