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Mon Amour
oil on linen
14 x 11 in
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Erikson finds inspiration in capturing the female figure lost in thought. The gesture of the figure, as well as the setting in which it is placed, give clues as to what the model might be imagining (recalling, dreaming, remembering) without becoming to literal. It is common for his figures to have multiple interpretations (awakening from sleep, relaxing after love-making, etc.) The figure becomes a vessel of experiences that is presented in an idealized and iconic fashion that is informed by a love of art history. Many of his images place the figure in invented spaces, often surrounded by celebrated works of art that add to and reveal additional content. For example, the figure may echo a similar (or contradictory) pose of a red-figured vase or be placed in a room in Pompeii. Though most paintings portray the solitary figure, there are usually several types of images of women that are placed together that connects several hundred year’s of aesthetics of the female form.