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Stormy Night on Bay St.
Acrylics on Canvas
34 x 27 in
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Melancholy, darkness, despair, grief. So called negative states when life seems wrong or broken beyond repair yet continues. At times these states seem like a force of nature(Stormy Night on Bay St.). What’s inside can be seen outside; threatening storms, unstoppable turbulence, bleak, cold winters or hot, merciless droughts. In Greek and Roman mythology the Goddess of the Harvest(Cere's Grief) withdrew from the world when her daughter was kidnapped and raped by the Lord of the Underworld, supposedly causing the fertility of nature to retreat and the seasonal changes of autumn and winter. Melancholy can be brought on by a thought of loss, a memory, like blowing cigarette smoke outside a tomb in a snow covered graveyard(A Winter's Thought); like seeing a damaged mannequin of a child, armless, propped up next to a withered plant behind the bars of a gate imploring, helpless, never to bloom(Lost Childhood); like a sickness that leaves one stranded in the shallows, being eaten away, but doesn’t kill(Nether Fish Gnaw Flesh). Yet one still must try to find some comfort in the dark.