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Of One Inhabitant #9
pinhole photography
16 x 20 in
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"...of One Inhabitant"
(a synopsis of the series)
The impermanence of man, and his futile attempts to create a civilized society, also gives rise to things left behind. Materialistic decay provides a tangible depiction of the deterioration of society, literally and metaphorically. Though an effort can be made to be scotopic to this landscape, inevitably, we cannot escape it.

A series of 21 photographs created with a pinhole camera. Though a very time and effort intensive style of photography, I felt this was the only technique that would fit the objective.

My cameras, from old world to modern, are all simply tools. I choose whichever best aids me in the first step of creating a tangible creation of my inner vision.

I am a 58 year old resident of West Tennessee, happily married, with eight beautiful cats!