Photograph taken on San Diego pier. Text based on Herman Hesse's 'Narziss and Goldmund'
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21 x 30 x 2d cm
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My name is Emma. I am a graduate of Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts, London, U.K) and have worked extensively across Europe and America.

My practice spawns from an exploratory excavation of humanity; what does it mean to Be? (A question of particular poignance given that global economic collapse threatens the social infrastructure of the West.) I suppose, through my work, I seek to question the current conditions of existence, aligning physical being and thinking in a unified space. Through participatory installation, intervention and storytelling, I try to create immaterially manifest fictions, for it is here, in this conceptually boundless space, that imagination has the scope to hypothesize alternative views of the world and in turn attempt to create them. Through the interplay of constructs, a discursive space appears containing a proliferation of meanings bound by synchronous connections. By default, my work seems to embody a sort of melancholic tone, in the humanely tragic sense.