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You knock the wind out of me.
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I am a romantic when it comes down to it. I value love and beauty, and relish feelings of heartache and melancholy. Iíve been processing the loss of a lover, for whom I developed bewilderingly intense emotions. Grief is exhausting. Letting go is difficult. Iíve found solace in comforting phrases and pretty landscapes. Words and pictures go so well together, and create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Saying Things is an articulation of my moods lately. It is a series that functions cathartically and therapeutically.

I think advertising figures interestingly in this work. Advertisements function graphically, and aim to reach us on innate levels. It is an art in this regard. But it sells us things. Itís funny to me, to think of basic human experiences as a commodity. Barbara Kruger is a clear influence: experimenting with ad aesthetics while commenting on deeper material interests to me. There is a taut juxtaposition here between the superficial and the deep, uncharted psyche.

Transcendence is a theme I always like to explore in my work. Here, I aim to transcend the negative byproducts associated with loss: fatigue, self-pity, laziness, boredom, guilt, and instead tap into greater truths of wisdom and beauty. Sadness is beautiful. It is important to be in touch with oneís sadness Ė not to transcend it, per se, but to contextualize it, to recognize the universality of oneís feelings, and gain perspective of oneís ego.