This is an installation of hanging lips that fills a room.
800x600        1024x768
silicone, thread
variable dimensions
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My work portrays the physical presence of absence, loss, and love. By focusing on the physical space between two bodies, I point to the emotional space existing between two people. The space becomes a metaphor for relationships, positive and negative, ever contracting and expanding. Beyond physical space, my work addresses psychological space by investigating the distance between different emotions, and how that distance collapses in the visual realm. Conflicting emotions can look exactly the same when removed from their context, and this visual reduction of a complex emotional spectrum is another vital aspect of my work. Feelings become magnified as one gets close to one’s own feelings or the feelings of another, and this magnification can lead to clarity or confusion, depending on the context. My work investigates this conflating of emotions and relationships, as they exist in both the physical and the psychological realm.