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Back When
Oil on Canvas
42 x 38 cm
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Jessica Ng - Artist Statement

My current work is about memory but not nostalgia, about children but for adults. It is storytelling work, drawing from influences such as fairy tales and 19th century fiction, and deals mainly with the disconnect between adulthood and childhood.

I often think of children and their mysterious games, their unformed, at times cruel behaviours and, most of all, their mute, iron-clad belief in their own rituals and codes that are at once familiar and strange. Unlike Cassatt or Anker, whose paintings of children depict them as beings of sweetness and light, I prefer to view them as creatures who struggle with knowing very little, or knowing all too much.

Layering and washes are integral my work. Like the retrieval of memories distorted, amplified or faded, my images tend to be excavated rather than created; translucent surfaces are worked into the wet pigment, at times wiped away to reveal the texture of the canvas while other painted areas remain undisturbed. The paint forms a kind of envelope encasing more narratives within.