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Man Peeing With Ducks
15 x 24 in
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I am almost always quite lonely and bored, although I value my alone time more than anything. To keep myself productive and entertained I create a world with characters to explore my life.

I always hold onto the hard things in my life, such as a death, an embarrassing or humiliating situation, or a regretful or lonely relationship with another, and especially the things that others forget. The images I create relate to these happenings in my life, real and imaginary, played out by a cast of characters.

The meanings behind my work are sometimes quite literal and other times quite abstract to the viewer, though they are always obvious to me. My internal struggles determine my visual narrative style, and once I finish a piece, I have a hatred for it. At the same time, each finished piece reveals a different satisfactory aspect, and I never want to let it go.