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Sounds from the Underground LP
Gouache on altered record and sleeve
12 x 12 in
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I am developing a visual memoir that works to synthesize several fragments of my identity. An ongoing collection of personal archives from various periods of my history inform this process; lists and sketches made on sticky notes, folders, within the margins of notebook paper and sheet music, adolescent mixtapes, favorite authors, oral histories, things I long for, fleeting memories and inside jokes, a tacit list of unsung guitar heroes, and so on. As this information gradually accumulates, it becomes difficult to find a place for a tangential mess of thoughts that I just can't seem to part with: certain colors, images, stories, melodies, and words resonate with me in such a way that I feel a duty to immortalize them, even if it is as simple as transforming them into fictional bands in an imaginary record collection. Through employment of my hand's inherent imperfection, coupled with an awareness of the collective unconscious, a mutable world that exists somewhere between reality and fiction unfolds; a dream-like place where information is gathered in a more sensory rather than a strictly literal manner, allowing the viewer's own narratives to be projected upon, embellish, and even overshadow my own. I find inspiration in the impulsive, in everything ranging from twee music hastily produced in a makeshift studio, or visual artists whose work is grouped into an outsider, folk or other lowbrow aesthetic; a common thread can be found in work of this nature, creating a language indebted to honesty and the fallible which, for me, is where the beauty lies.