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Love Birds
Acrylic Paint
30 x 32 in
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Through artistic endeavor, I have found that I enjoy working in a varied array of mediums. I have long regarded myself as a painter; however, as the years have progressed, my technical abilities have evolved, and become more suited to work outside of the 2-dimensional realm.

Although working with vivid color and manipulating brushstroke are still my primary passions, I feel that experimentation with found-objects and clay have proven to be equally as gratifying.

I tend to create work that exhibits animal-like imagery and subject matter. My personal taste tends toward the distortion of the realistic with the addition of a personal twist; ultimately resulting in the bizarre or satirical.

My work has always had an illustrative quality. Until recently, these very qualities have only been brought to life on canvas and wood panels.

Experimenting with ceramic clay has allowed me to explore a new approach to my work. Ceramic clay has allowed me to bring my subject matter, and the dynamism of my imagery, to life in three dimensions.

Having recently found a new way for myself to be communicative of my thoughts and ideas, I am endeavoring toward the creation a harmonious bond between the second dimension, and the third.