A favorite of mine because it ties not just to the decay of American industry, but also to the issue of aging in general which those of us who are older face daily.

As you get into your latter years, the pressures of youth, raising family and so forth begin to be behind you, but the pending end-of-life issues and the decay of your own body come to the fore.

Pressure? There's no pressure...
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There's No Pressure
Digital Photography
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All around is reality. We see, we relate, we have faith in the truth we derive...

But is it what we think? Is there a secret behind what we observe in the entropic remnants left behind by time and events?

When I first saw the "Secrets" category, I presumed I didn't have any material. But my industrial archaeology work is full of secrets -- many of which may remain forever unrevealed...

I hope this series of images causes you to wonder: What is the secret meaning in the decay of man's works?